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Alien Abduction Festival

The (different) aliens have (crash) landed just in time for Alien Abduction Day! All available Knights are called to do clean-up duty and search the lands to return the aliens to their ship. Better hurry, because these aliens don’t seem to be friendly...

Kasmari Knight: Alien Hunter

While it may not be a black suit and glasses, the Space Suit Outfit is the next best thing to confront aliens. Couple it with the Alien Hunter title and you’ll be ready to face down any extraterrestrial threat without worrying about space germs.

Contact the nearest Gun Circle for laser guns.

You can find permanent versions of all the above in the Samba Shop. If you want to try them out first, get free limited-time versions by gathering and trading in Aliens. The Aliens will be available from the daily Crashed UFO quest, Homeworld Defense event, and GM run events.

Daily Crashed UFO Quest:
1. Talk to Saturn in front of your school's main building.
2. Accept the quest to return an Alien to the Crashed UFO.
3. Talk to the Crashed UFO to complete the quest and receive Aliens.

After the whole Skalari thing, citizens considered invading aliens to be just another normal occurance in Kasmari.

Get more Aliens by participating in the daily in-game GM events! They will be given out in addition to the usual participation and/or winner's rewards.

The Aliens can be traded in for the limited-time items at the Crashed UFO.

Homeworld Defense

The aliens in Mara and Marble Battle have no comment about the new invaders. The escaped aliens are roaming Kasmari looking for victims! Reports are coming in that these Alien Invaders have been spotted every 4 hours on every map.

It is your duty, Alien Hunter, to defeat them! Then return the Aliens to the Crashed UFO to trade them in for limited-time event items.

Alien Invaders will also be spawned in the GM run event Mob Spawn. You can ask the GM on duty when the next Mob Spawn may be held.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What happened to St. Patrick's Day?
- The Alien Abduction Festival marks the start of non-traditional events throughout the year for Remnant Knights. We want to do something different from the usual holidays to celebrate the uniqueness of our players. So instead of little men dressed in green, we have little green men!

Q: Are the events items going to still be in the shop after the event ends?
- No, so get them while you can, as they will all be removed from the shop after the event ends on March 28, 2013.

Q: I want the permanent items but I have no money! What can I do?
Fear not, we have offers and surveys you can do that will reward you with Sambas. Log in to the shop and click the “EARN FREE SAMBAS” button at the bottom. You can then begin earning Sambas!
You can click the “Need Help?” or “Get Help” links at the upper right of the offer window to check the status of any offer you’ve done.

Q: The offer survey status says it's completed but I haven't gotten my Sambas!
- Sometimes it may take up to 2 hours for the offer/survey to go through on both sides. But if it’s longer than this, you can send in a support ticket and we’ll get your Sambas to you.